by Skippy Mesirow, an independent agent of Brian Harris Travel

“Providing Bespoke Adventure Travel Experiences to the World’s Most Adventurous Souls”

What We Do:

Skippy Mesirow

Skippy Mesirow

I have spent years trekking the globe looking for places unknown and lesson unlearned. I’ve never been interested in how many stars a hotel earns, but rather how many laughs I get to share with a local. Travel for me has always been about immersion, adventure, and depth of understanding. At Brian Harris Travel I take these experiences, my love of sharing the world, and wealth of knowledge to curate your ideal cultural get-away.

Trekking with nomads in the Sahara, riding horses across windswept Mongolia, being hosted by someone’s grandmother in Japan, traversing Russia by train, walking with gorillas in the jungles of Africa, exploring the dystopian world of North Korea, getting your yoga retreat on in Bali, wrangling a motorcycle over the worlds highest roads in India, or taking your friends on a one off music festival adventure in Spain, I can make this and all other things possible…. If you can dream it, we can create it.


Sample Itineraries: